Sunday, March 13, 2011

Usfine Review: Best MMORPG Gold Farming Site!

I've been playing Runescape for 5 years. I've been scammed, traded accounts, bought accounts, and sold accounts through several gold farming websites. I'm positive I've found the best one.

Hey Internet. Here to review, a widely known gold farming and leveling service for many games.

Yesterday, I bought 500m RSGP for the game Runescape. The process was fairly easy. There was also a free 100m bonus along with it, so I was extra excited!

I paid the money via Paypal for the gold (it was relatively cheap btw) and went to their 24/7 Live Chat for delivery. A nice operator guided me through the gold delivery. In total, the time it took to get my gold was four and a half minutes!

I forgot to mention that they delivered the money to an account that I bought from them two weeks ago! The accunt had four 99s (cooking, woodcutting, fishing, and magic).

In summation, was very convient. I will return with my hard earned cash to spend on Runescape! I recommend Usfine to all players who are just plain lazy to work for gold or levels in WoW, Runescape, Maplestory, or many other games to purchase their services.

Trust me, its worth it!